Runs the LAB Minecraft server and this website. Enjoys technical things like redstone, programming. "Lick my ear!"


Likes to make the Youtube videos. Used to enjoy totems of undying. "I'm a changed man"

Oranje Joose

Local Architect. On Minecraft he enjoys building and making farms. Outside of that he is a drummer guy. "Heh"


GTA Professional. Sells his belongings to buy other belongings to sell. "i HAve a SynDRoMe"

The Sound Barrier

Piano Man. Enjoys proper punctuation and capitalization in relaxed settings like Discord. Also likes to make fun of things. "Okay."

Fortunate Flea

Also known as Long Clarinet, and a couple other things. Enjoys streaming Fortnite to our Discord server and playing GTA. "Gta?"


Old boomer guy. He knows nothing but these two things: Minecraft hardcore mode (he plays many of these worlds simultaneously) and bass. "Shit, Gay!"


Our newest member! Good at music IRL. "Interesting" WIP description


When eclolray isn't playing MC, he's doing schoolwork. That's most of the time. "Ella!"